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Tongue Militia List 1809

Transcribed by Malcolm Bangor-Jones & adapted for this page by C Stokes 

All Mc & Mac names shown here as Mac. 
Place names are spelled as on original document 
The original Militia List was certified to be a 'true & correct list of all the 
males between the ages of 18 & 45 residing in the Parish of Tongue. 
Document was dated December 1809. The list included 113 men 
who were exempt from duty. Shown here are the 43 men who were deemed liable.

Each line contains, name, occupation & residence 

BELL Mr George, Overseer, Tongue 
BETHUNE Donald, merchant, Kirkboll 
CAMPBELL Donald, shepherd, Falside & William, shepherd, Kinloch 
GORDON William, labourer, Skenet 
GUNN James, farmer, Borgy; John, tailor, Skeray; (Bain) William, piper, Strathmelness 
MACDONALD Hugh, farmer, Strathmelness & John, shoemaker, Achstomnie 
MACINTOSH Alexander, farmer, Loan 
MACINTYRE Donald, shepherd, Strathmelness 
MACKAY Alexander, weaver, Achmore; Angus, farmer, Achantott; Angus, farmer, Craggy; Angus, Dinachary; Angus, soldier, Lochchrask; Angus, weaver, Skenet; Donald, farmer, Portvaskay; Finlay, farmer, Skeray; George, labourer, Retongue; Hector, labourer, Sculmy; Hugh, labourer, Sculmy; Hugh, farmer, Strathskeray; John, shepherd, Breckachow; John, farmer, Unsteppan; Neil, labourer, Borgy; Robert, labourer, Rhians; Thomas, labourer, Borgy; William, farmer, Borgy; William, Sculmy 
MACLEOD Alexander, farmer, Dalcharn; Angus, labourer, Achnaucach; Hugh, farmer, Achantott 
NICOLL Hugh, farmer, Dalcharn 
ROBERTSON Alexander, weaver, Sculmy 
ROSS George, labourer, Retongue & William, labourer, Retongue 
STEWART George, labourer, Strathmelness 
SUTHERLAND George, shepherd, Kirkboll; Hugh, labourer, Strathtongue; Robert, tailor, Kirkboll; William, labourer, Strathtongue 

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Tongue Place Names

The place-names which follow are mostly connected with human habitation or use. Only a relatively few geographical features are included. This is work in progress: there are no doubt a great many more place-names which could be recorded and added to the list. We will continue to add names as we come across them. If anyone knows of some which are not here, if anyone can identify places for which no precise location is given here or if anyone finds errors in the list, I would be most grateful if you would contact me
Where a location is known, rough OS grid references are given.
Entries in italics on the other hand signify that the place has not yet been – or has not been reliably – located .
The variants (a.k.a….) of the names given are not exhaustive.
Dates are attached to many place-names. The first of these is usually the earliest mention of the place which we have found. Since there are very likely to be earlier references which we have not found, the significance of these dates is really that the place was recorded by at least the earliest date shown.
The spelling of the place-names is largely as we have found it in the sources.
“RCAHMS” signifies the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland 

Margaret and Bill McKay 
October 2007

Note: Google map of Tongue on right.
A’CHAISTEAL 1644, a.k.a. Auchestell, Achiehoistte, Achisle - a place formerly inhabited in Ribigill, between Rhians and Kirkiboll (qqv). In 1801 rental, placed between Blairdow and Ach an t-Strathain (qqv) 

ACH AN T-STRATHAIN 1801 a.k.a. Auchantrahan - 548 528 - a place formerly inhabited - Allt Ach an t-Srathain is NW of Kinloch (qv) 

ACHINAHUAIGHE 1801 a.k.a. Achinahue, Auchnahow 582 641 - a place presently inhabited 

ACHININVER Old Parish Register - 572 649 A place presently inhabited 

ACHINTYHALVIN Old Parish Register - 566 644 A place presently inhabited 

ACHNABAT Old Parish Register, RCAHMS, Am Baile - a.k.a. Achnambat, Achinabat, Achunabat - 663 628 - a place presently inhabited 

ACHNANTOT Old Parish Register, RCAHMS - a.k.a. Achnantote, Achnatote - 656 539 - a formerly inhabited place, S of Borgie Bridge, on the E side of the Borgie river: probably now in Farr 

ACHORKERY OF KINLOCH 1801 - a.k.a Achorcovy - a formerly inhabited place placed in a list between Reidh Dorch and Kinlochbeg (qqv)

ACHOWHALM 1802 A shieling on Ben Loyal

ACHTOTY Old Parish Register, 1862 - 673 627 - A presently inhabited place 


ACHUMORE 1801, RCAHMS - a.k.a. Achamore - 533 459 - a formerly inhabited place or shepherd’s house. Craig an Achaidh Mhoir is just S of Loch an Dherue (qv) 

ACHUVUOLDRACH Old Parish Register - 569 588 - A presently inhabited place 

ACHVORLORACK Old Parish Register 

ADRALOCH Old Parish Register - a.k.a. Edraloch - Probably on the E shore of the Kyle, near Ard Mhathain AIRBE, CNOC AN RCAHMS, Am Baile - 587 619 Just W of Skinnet (qv) and cf Cnoc an Arbhair S of Borgie Bridge at 688 573 

AIRD TORRISDALE - 678 623 - A presently inhabited place 

ALLT ACH A’BHAID SARAICH RCAHMS, Am Baile - 639 547 - A shieling at the confluence of a burn and the N bank of the Borgie river, a mile NE of Loch Slaim (qv) 

ALLTAN A’BHUIC RCAHMS - 515 414 A shieling perh on a burn running into Loch Meadie on the W 

ALLTAN DUBH RCAHMS, Am Baile - 536 606 A shieling W of Midtown (qv) 

ALLT AN LAOIGH-AIRD 1644, RCAHMS - a.k.a. Auldnaluart, Oldinloichart - 615 486 - Flows into the W side of Loch Loyal, near Ruigh Leadain and Lettermore (qqv) - But cf Oultihallart qv
ALLTAN RUADH Old Parish Register a.k.a. Alltanroy - a formerly inhabited place 

ALLT AN T-SAGHAIRT 1713, Deer Forest Commission Perh a.k.a. Oldintoward - Perh 609 480 - On the W bank of Loch Loyal Perh near Ruigh Leadain and Allt an Laoigh-Aird (qqv), in a list next to Torrintarf (qv) 

ALLT BAD NAM FIADH RCAHMS - 541 617 - A shieling W of Midtown (qv) 

ALLT NAM BREAC BUIDHE RCAHMS - 550 631 - A shieling W of Talmine (qv) 

ALLT COR AN FHRAOICH RCAHMS - 524 518 A shieling W of Kinloch (qv) 

ALLT CUIL NA SITHE RCAHMS - 575 435 - A shieling W of Inchkinloch (qv) 

ALLT CUL A’MHUILINN RCAHMS - 581 530 - A formerly inhabited place - E of Lochan Hakel and W of Ruighean an Daimh (qv) 

ALLT NA FAING RCAHMS - 547 532 - A shieling NW of Kinloch (qv) 

ALLT INNIS A CHOINICH RCAHMS - 544 629 A shieling W of Talmine (qv) 

ALLT LOCH NAM BREAC RCAHMS - 688 595 - A shieling in Borgie (qv) 

ALLT LOCHAN NA SEILG RCAHMS - 546 663 - A shieling NE of Ben Hutig 

ALLT NA LUIBE MOIRE Old Parish Register - 525 485 - A formerly inhabited place. One of the headwaters of the Kinloch river. W of Loch an Dherue. Cf Lubmore (qv) 

ALLT A MHUILIN RCAHMS - 575 616 - A shieling W of Midtown (qv) 

ALLT THARSUINN a.k.a. Crossburn, Aultitarsin Old Parish Register, RCAHMS - 685 607 - A formerly inhabited place 

ARDACHAIDH 1644, Am Baile a.k.a. Ardachu, Ardachow, Ardachri - 578 554 - A formerly inhabited place placed in a list between Rhian Bridge and the Kyle. Cf also Coill’ Ardachaidh at 573 554, a settlement in the 1750s 

ARDAGBHEAG 1801 - Perh a.k.a. Ardbeg - Part of Ribigill (qv) 

ARDALACH 1800 - A grazing of Ribigill (qv)

ARDCHRAVAIG 1764 A pendicle of Ribigill, placed in a list between Ard Mhathain and 
Ardachaidh (qqv) 

ARD MHATHA(I)N 1764, RCAHMS a.k.a. Ardvahan, Ardvaan - 575 549 - A pendicle of Ribigill (qv) 

ARDNABROILICH A location near Tongue Island 1824 

ARDOCHAN 1801 a.k.a. Archdochan - E of Kinloch, near Kinlochbeg (qv) 

ARDRINAMUCH Deer Forest Commission - Part of Ribigill (qv) 

ARIBEG 1848 - Prob 554 588 - A shieling above Achuvuoldrach (qv) 

AR IN TREIFF 1590s Perh Ard an tairbh 

AULDANREIOCH 1761, 1764, 1787 a.k.a. Auldanreach, Oldanreach perh *Alltan Riabhach - 
A grazing of Ribigill - (qv) divided between Rhians, Ardcravaig and Ardvaan (qq v) but also linked with a quarter of Culside and Letterloyal (qq v) AULTANSHOUR 1826 

BAD A’BHAIRD 1801, RCAHMS a.k.a. Badaidh Bhaird, Badnafade - 639 581 - Allt Bad a’Bhaird is near Loch Cormaic, SE of Dalcharn (qv) 

BAD CHRASG BHACAIDH 1590s, RCAHMS a.k.a. Badcrasbackie, perh Crescebackie - 614 586 - A formerly inhabited place - Cf Creskebracky Loch (perh an Dubh Loch) 


BADDICLACH 1801 a.k.a. Badycleuch - A formerly inhabited place. Part of Kirkiboll (qv) 

BADINACH 1802 A grazing on Fallside (qv) 

BADINACLAVE Old Parish Register - A formerly inhabited place 

BADINADAMPH 1832 - A pendicle of Torrisdale (qv) - near Borgie Bridge - Cf Loan Badinadamph, 1833 

BADINASUAIG 1800 A grazing of Ribigill (qv) 

BADNACUMBEG - Perh in Borgie 

BADUNRIACH 1764 A grazing of Falside (qv) 

BARDNCREIVE 1801 Near the Mains of Tongue 

BENTIE HALL 1807 E of Torrisdale (qv) 

BLAIR DOW 1801 Near Coulside (qv) and another in Achtoty (qv) 

BLAIR NA CHOTT 1590s a.k.a. Blaren na Chott - perh connected with Loch Coit, SW of Torrisdale 

BLARANMALLOCH 1832 a.k.a Blaran - 597 583 - A presently inhabited place, the northerly part of Braetongue (qv) 

BLARMORE 1764 a.k.a. Blar mor - 595 590 - A formerly inhabited place between Tongue House and Rhitongue 

BLANDY A presently occupied place - 622 598 

BORGIE 1744 - 675 593 - A presently occupied place 

BORGIEBEG 1654, RCAHMS, Am Baile - 675 588 - A presently inhabited place on E bank of Borgie river, currently in Farr 

BORGIEMORE/SEANVAL OF BORGIE 1654 - 677 598 - A presently occupied place on W bank of Borgie river 

BORSCAIG 1832 a.k.a. Boarscaig, Bowerscog, Borsgag - 567 575 - A formerly occupied place on W shore of Kyle, almost opposite the mouth of the Rhian burn 

BRAETONGUE RCAHMS - 595 575 - A presently occupied place 

BREACHACHAIDH Old Parish Register, RCAHMS, Am Baile a.k.a. Brekachu, Allt a Bhreac-achaidh 

- 662 578 - A pendicle of Borgie, on W bank of the river, S of Cnoc an Arbhair (qv) - Currently the site of Forestry Commission offices 

BROK, LOCH NA 1590s a.k.a. Loch na Brek, perh Loch nam breac - In Blaeu’s map 1654, it feeds a burn near Scullomie and Coldbackie. It may be Lochan Dubh at 625 594, above Strathtongue 

BRUACH BUI Deer Forest Commission - Perh Bruthach buidhe - Near Inchkinloch (qv) 

BRUACH DRAINICH Deer Forest Commission - Near Inchkinloch (qv) 

BRUTHACH CARN 1797 - In Braetongue (qv) 

BUIDHE, LOCH 1807 a.k.a. Loch Bowie - 631 595 - E of Strathtongue and NE of Dalcharn (qqv) 

CARNA, LOCH 1590s - In Blaeu, it feeds the N end of Loch Loyal: there is an island 

CARNALACH 1731 Field name on the glebe 

CARNABUY 1654 Halfway down the W bank of Loch Craggie 

CHUIBHE, LOCH 1590 a.k.a. Loch Cluif - 696 601 - A shieling SE of Lon (qv) and W of Invernaver 

CLAGINBEG 1731 Field name on glebe 

CLAGINMORE 1731 Field name on glebe 

CLASHAIDY Old Parish Register, Am Baile, a.k.a. Clasheddy - 665 636 - A presently occupied place 

CLASHBUIE Old Parish Register - 657 636 - A presently occupied place 

CLASHCLEVAN Old Parish Register - 659 628 - A presently occupied place 

CLASHNASTRUAG - 658 636 - A presently occupied place 

CLASHVAN - 649 634 - A presently occupied place 

COLDBACKIE 1654, Old Parish Register, RCAHMS a.k.a. Caltabacky - 613 600 - A presently occupied place 

COLUMCILLE A ridge in Skerray 1822 

COMAK 1575, 1610 - Mercator in 1575 has Comak where Tongue ought to be, and Tongue on the W shore of the Kyle 

COMB, EILEAN NA 1654 a.k.a. Ylen Coim, Ylen Coin, Skirrow island, Eilean Naoimh, Neave - 
665 645 In Blaeu, there is a church sign. See also Hyp island (qv) 

COULSIDE 1590s, RCAHMS, Am Baile a.k.a. Culishad, Coulshade, Allt Cuil na sithe, Culsaite - 575 435 - Arrowsmith’s map in 1807 has the settlement W of Loch Coulside: other references inc 1764 and 1801 rentals seem to have it E of the Loch 

COULSIDE, LOCH 1751 - 580 435 

CRACKNIE Deer Forest Commission a.k.a. Crackerine, Macleod’s shieling - 665 508 

CRAGGIE 1654 - A grazing, and also a formerly inhabited place. In Straloch’s map of 1654, on the 
Naver NE of Loch Craggie; in Dorret’s map 1751 SW of Loch Craggie, and in Arrowsmith’s map 1807 S of Craggiebeag (qv) 

CRAGGIEBEAG 1807 On W bank of Loch Craggie 

CRAGGIE, LOCH 1801, Old Parish Register a.k.a. the Wright’s Loch in 1801 - 615 520 

CRICHNACARN 1844 At the E end of Torrisdale 



CUNSIDE 1590s, 1702, RCAHMS, Am Baile a.k.a. Kunisett, Kynasach, Kinnisett - 583 514 - A formerly inhabited place. Cf Craig Kynasach in Arrowsmith’s map of 1807, which may be Ben Hiel 

DALCHARN - 623 587 - A presently inhabited place - Cf Dalcharn in par Farr at 705 615 

DALL TORRISDALE - 650 616 - A presently inhabited place 

DALNAFREE Old Parish Register - 565 646 - A presently inhabited place 

DALNESS RCAHMS - 653 545 - A shepherd’s house on Borgie river, S of Breakachu and W of 
Achnantote (qqv) 

DALVRAID - 563 635 A presently inhabited place 

DEEPBURN - 678 603 A presently inhabited place in Torrisdale 

DHERUE Old Parish Register, Am Baile a.k.a. Dirive - 541 468 - A formerly inhabited place at 
the SE corner of Loch an Dherue. Cf Strath an Dherue at 537 457 

DINACHORY 1644, RCAHMS, Am Baile a.k.a. Dionach Caraidh, Western Dionachcorrie alias Druimnacuib, Dipachory, Dinachlary - 554 416 - A formerly inhabited place. The Allt Dionach Caraidh runs into the W end of Loch Coulside (qv). 

DIONSIDE (BEG and MORE) 1764 a.k.a. Deanside, Dionasaite - 592 556 - A presently inhabited place, W of Hysbackie and N of Scrabster (qqv) 

DIRUMEACHIEL Old Parish Register 

DIRUMEADIE 1712, Old Parish Register a.k.a. Dirianmeady, Dirumaidie, Dirmiedy. On the E side of the Kinloch burn, S of Kinloch (qv). In 1801 part of the Ribigill tack. 

DOUN BARRICH 1590s - Evidently not the castle but a settlement not far from Torrisdale, near Loch Mellach (qv) and Invernaver 

DUNDEAVAN - A pendicle of Ribigill (qv) 1800 

DRAMEBADENAID 1825 - A grazing in Borgie 

DRUMINRINIE 1801 - a.k.a. Driminrinnie - A grazing of Kinloch/Ribigill 

DRUMNACHALLYN 1590s - N of Scullomie (qv) 

DURIN 1731 - Field name on glebe 

EAS AN FHAIDH Pont, Deer Forest Commission, a.k.a. Essennee, Essena - 668 554 - The Eas an Fhaidh burn runs into the Borgie river from the E, though Pont has the settlement nearer Loch Craggie (qv), i.e. W of the burn 

ELIGNANRHA 1823 - A grazing of Torrisdale 

FALLSIDE 1764, RCAHMS a.k.a. Folmhaisaite, Falaside - 593 527 

FEITH AN LAISG RCAHMS - 540 612 - A shieling W of Midtown 


GALL, EILEAN NAN 1590s, Old Parish Register a.k.a. Rabbit Islands - 610 635 - Not to be confused with Eilean na Goul (qv)! 

GHEYRACH, LOCH 1590s a.k.a. Loch Geurach - Seems to feed a burn entering the sea near Scullomie and Coldbackie (qqv). Perh Loch Cormaic at 626 581 

GLAICARACUMHOISE 1731 Field name on the glebe 

GOUL, EILEAN NA/ HILL OF a.k.a. Eilean na Gaont - 685 605 - At the mouth of the Borgie river, on the E bank 

HARACH UILD Deer Forest Commission - Near Inchkinloch (qv) 

HYP ISLAND 1573, 1575, 1610 - Perh (S)heep island but might be Eilean na Comb (qv) since it is – as Hyp Island is – the most easterly of the three islands 
HYSBACKIE Old Parish Register a.k.a. Hysbrackie - 595 558 - A presently inhabited place 

INCHKINLOCH 1801 - 586 441 - A formerly inhabited place, W of present Inchkinloch, a pendicle of Coulside on Allt Innis Ceann an Locha 

INCHVERRY Old Parish Register - 593 563 - A presently inhabited place 

IOSAL, EILEAN 1654 a.k.a. The Plain isle - 633 659 

ISLAND RIVACH 1820 In Borgie, on the E side of the river 

KELCHERASGILL 1644 - In Ribigill 


KINLOCHBEG 1590s - 557 531 - A formerly inhabited place on E bank of Kinloch river 

KINLOCH HOUSE 1755, Am Baile - 553 527 - A formerly inhabited place, just N of modern Kinloch Lodge. 

KINLOCHMORE 1590s - 553 527 - A formerly inhabited place on W bank of Kinloch river, close to Kinloch House (qv) 

KIRKIBOLL 1654 - 592 566 - Tongue village 

KNOCKNADAMPH 1800 - A grazing of Ribigill (qv) 

LABARACH Deer Forest Commission - Near Inchkinloch (qv) 

LAID GLAS - 584 627 - A presently inhabited place 

LAMIGO 1590s, RCAHMS a.k.a. Port Lamigo - 653 633 - A presently inhabited place 

LETTERCRAGGIE 1590s - A formerly inhabited place SW of Loch Craggie 

LETTERLOYAL a.k.a. Letyrloyuoll, Letterlyall 1590s - 618 466 - A formerly inhabited place on W shore of Loch Loyal perh near modern Loyal Lodge, N of old Lettermore (qv). 

LETTERMORE 1755, RCAHMS, Am Baile a.k.a. Laidmore - 616 455 - A formerly inhabited place, S of present Lettermore. The 1874 OS name-book mentions a disused graveyard 

LOAN BEG 1823 - A grazing of Torrisdale 


LOCHRASK Old Parish Register, RCAHMS a.k.a. Loch Craisg - 602 576 - A formerly inhabited place 

LON Old Parish Register, RCAHMS, Am Baile a.k.a Loan - 688 604 - A formerly inhabited place 

LOTTS 1825 - 670 628 - A presently inhabited place 

LUBINVULIN Old Parish Register - 572 645 - A presently inhabited place 

LUBMORE 1764 - Grazings placed in a list between Rhileadain and Cunside (qqv); but 
cf Allt na Luibe Moire (qv) W of Loch an Dherue at 527 481 

LUBNACOISLAIN 1823 - A grazing of Torrisdale 

LUBRIAVACH 1823 - A grazing of Torrisdale 

MAGNAPHEDON 1731 Perh Magh na Feadain - Field name on glebe 

MALL (OF SKERRAY) Old Parish Register - 645 635 - A presently inhabited place 

MALLOCH-LASHAN 1825 - Near Loch Skerray, which is at 600 663 

MALMASGAIG Deer Forest Commission a.k.a. Malmscaig - 560 504 - A formerly inhabited place in Ribigill (qv) 1800. Cf Allt Lon Malmsgaig on N slope of Ben Loyal at 578 513 or Cnoc Malmsgaig NE of Loch an Dherue at 558 498 

MARTYN, EILEAN 1573, 1585, 1610 Perh Rabbit Islands, being the westernmost of the three islands 

MEALASGAIG Old Parish Register - If not Malmasgaig (qv) then Moluisag, a mile W of Cunside at 577 512 

MELLACH 1590s - Between the Naver and Loch Loyal , cf Loch and Druim Meleag, S of the Borgie Forest at 679 500 

MIDFIELD A presently inhabited place - 581 650 

MIDTOWN Old Parish Register - 585 612 - A presently inhabited place 

MODSARYBEG RCAHMS - 646 614 - A formerly inhabited place 

MODSARYMORE Old Parish Register - 650 619 - A presently inhabited place 

OULTIHALLART Deer Forest Commission, a.k.a. Autlihallard - A formerly inhabited place, in the Borgie Forest, on the W side of the river 

POLRUSKANY Pont, Deer Forest Commission a.k.a. Polrusking, Polruisguidh and perh Polrushervie - In Pont’s map (1590s) and Blaeu’s (1654), an area SE of Loch Craggie qv). In 1719 a shieling; in Kitchin’s map (1773) - E of Loch Craggie with a settlement sign; and in Cary’s map (1801) on E bank of Loch Craggie. In Deer Forest Commission, on E bank of Borgie river 

PONTNAGOUL 1801 - In Ribigill (qv) 

PORTVASGO Old Parish Register a.k.a. Portvascaig - 585 649 - A presently inhabited place 

RAON CLUARAN Deer Forest Commission - Near Inchkinloch (qv) 

RAON NA CAORACH 1731 - Field name on glebe 

REIDH RUADH Deer Forest Commission, RCAHMS a.k.a. Ruigh Ruadh - 676 587 

REINCHATEL Old Parish Register - Perh Reidh a’chaisteil, referring to Caisteal Truill (qv) at 593 536, S of Scrabster (qv) 

RHIAN(S) 1644 - 590 557 - A presently inhabited place. In 1644 in Ribigill. A pendicle of Ribigill. 

RHIAN NARDICH NA H-EAGLAISE 1731 - Field name on glebe 

RHIDORCH 1764, RCAHMS, Am Baile a.k.a. Reidh Dorch - 588 521 - A formerly inhabited place. 
A pendicle of Cunside. In 1764, placed in a list between Allt an Laoigh-Aird and Lubmore (qqv). In 1801 placed in a list between Cunside and Achorkery (qqv). 

RHILEADAN 1713, Old Parish Register, RCAHMS a.k.a.Ruigh Leadain, Rianleddan Am Baile - 612 492 - A formerly inhabited place, a mile and a half N of Lettermore (qv) on W bank of Loch Loyal: near Lubmore (qv); but cf 1713 placed in a list between Cunside and Allt an Laoigh-Aird (qqv) 

RHITONGUE Old Parish Register, RCAHMS - 601 594 - A presently inhabited place 

RIBIGILL 1654, Old Parish Register - 583 542 - A presently inhabited place 

RIGISGLE 1801 Perh in Borgie, perh - Ruigh a’ Chaisteil 

RON, EILEAN NAN 1590s, RCAHMS a.k.a. Island Roan - 638 653 - A formerly inhabited place. There is a settlement sign in Blaeu’s map 1654. 

RONADRAIT Old Parish Register - Prob in Ribigill 

RUIGHEAN AN DAIMH RCAHMS, Am Baile - 589 531 - A formerly inhabited place 

RUIGHNAN - Near Inchkinloch 

SCRABSTER 1654, Old Parish Register, RCAHMS, a.k.a. Scrabistall, Scrabishall Am Baile - 
592 546 - A formerly inhabited place 

SCULLOMIE a.k.a. Scurlomy, Scalramy 1654, Old Parish Register, RCAHMS - 616 611 - A presently inhabited place 

SCULLOMIE, RHIANS OF - 619 614 - The northerly part of Scullomie (qv) 

SKERRAY 1654, RCAHMS, Am Baile a.k.a. Port Skerray - 662 637 - A presently inhabited place 

SKERRAYBEG - 656 629 - A presently inhabited place 

SKERRAYMAINS Old Parish Register, RCAHMS, Am Baile - 660 632 - A presently inhabited place 

SKINNET Old Parish Register - 589 617 - A presently inhabited place 

SLAIM, LOCH Old Parish Register, RCAHMS - 624 535 

SLETELL Old Parish Register, RCAHMS - 632 630 - A formerly inhabited place 

STRATH(AN)MELNESS Old Parish Register - 577 648 - A presently inhabited place 

STRATHBEGSKERRAY 1744, Old Parish Register, RCAHMS, Am Baile - 645 629 - On the E bank of the Alltan Dearg and formerly inhabited 

STRATHMORESKERRAY 1744, Old Parish Register, RCAHMS, Am Baile - 643 630 - On the W bank 
of the Alltan Dearg, and presently inhabited. 

STRATH(AN)TONGUE Old Parish Register, RCAHMS - 623 595 - presently inhabited place 

TALMINE Old Parish Register - 585 630 - A presently inhabited place 

TEW 1575, 1610 - In Mercator (1575) there is a settlement sign on a lochside: in Speed (1610) it is W of the loch. Perhaps Dherue (qv) 

TORCHLAGUINN 1851 - In Achnabat (qv) 

TORRANCUDIGIN Old Parish Register a.k.a. Torran Cuidichinn - 585 637 - presently inhabited place 

TORRANTARF 1644, Old Parish Register a.k.a. Torr an Tairbh, Tornatarve - 610 478 - A formerly inhabited place behind Lettermore (qv) on W bank of Loch Loyal. Prob the present Lettermore. Cf Allt Torr an Tairbh (Aultanturf), S of Lettermore at 613 473 

TORRISDALE 1573, 1575, RCAHMS, Am Baile - 676 618 - In Ortelius (1573), Mercator (1575) and 
Blaeu (1654), there is a dwellings sign. Cf Skerriehorsdaill in 1659 

TORRISDALE, MELVICH OF 1823 - A grazing of Torrisdale 

TORROY Old Parish Register - 657 632 - A presently inhabited place 

TOTAG Old Parish Register a.k.a. Toiteach - 563 565 - A formerly inhabited place 

TOUSCUTY 1800 - A grazing of Ribigill (qv) 

TRAITAL Old Parish Register - A formerly inhabited place, part of Ribigill 

TRUILL, CAISTEAL 1590s a.k.a. Trowel, Trowill - 590 538 - Settlement signs in Dorret’s map 1754. Cf Coille ri Truill in RCAHMS and Am Baile at 589 539 

TUBEG SKERRAY Old Parish Register - 660 635 - A presently inhabited place 

U-CHOMRAIG Deer Forest Commission - Near Inchkinloch (qv) 

UIGH NAN AGHAN Deer Forest Commission - Near Inchkinloch (qv) 

ULLODAL, LOCH 1590s Loch an Dherue (qv) 

UNSTEPPAN 1801 a.k.a. Arnsteppan - 561 546 - A formerly inhabited place 

WEST STRATHAN - 564 639 - A presently inhabited place 

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Men in Tongue Parish 1789

Taken from the Judicial rent roll of the Reay Estate in December 1789

As usual all Mc and Mac names shown here as Mac
This list shows only those considered to be small tenants
A number of the surnames are obviously by-names – spellings as original.
Place names as shown on original list – have added today’s spellings in brackets – see also our Tongue Place Names.


Alexander, Blarmore (Blairmore)
Angus, Torrisdale


Robert, Blarmore (Blairmore) 


William, Torrisdale


Hugh, Coldibacky (Coldbackie)


Alexander, Strathtongue


Alexander, Rhians of Scurlomy (Rhians of Scullomey)
Hugh, Coldibacky (Coldbackie)


Angus, Blandynore


William, Torrisdale – his widow paid rent


John, Inchverry


Donald, Scurlomy (Scullomey)
William, Torrisdale


John, Coldibacky (Coldbackie)


William, Borgiemore


Angus, Torrisdale – his widow paid rent


William, Island Roan


William, Torrisdale


Alexander, Dalcharn
Donald, Borgiemore – his widow paid rent
Donald, Rhians of Scurlomy (Rhians of Scullomey)
Donald, Torrisdale
George, Island Roan
George, Kirkiboll
George, Scurlomy (Scullomey)
Hugh, Torrisdale
John, Borgiemore – for rent of mill
John, Coldibacky (Coldbackie)
Thomas, Torrisdale
William, Borgiemore
William, Coldibacky (Coldbackie)
William, Island Roan


Neil, Island Roan


George, Blandybeg
Hugh, Kirkiboll
Hugh, Rhietongue (Rhitongue)


Donald, Torrisdale


Donald, Dalcharn
James, Torrisdale
Walter, Coldibacky (Coldbackie)


Donald, Rhietongue (Rhitongue) – and son
George, Coldibacky (Coldbackie)
Neil, Borgiemore


Charles, Rhietongue (Rhitongue)
Hugh, Torrisdale


Angus, Kirkiboll
Hector, Scurlomy – widow paid rent
Robert, Scurlomy (Scullomey)


Dan, Strathtongue


Andrew, Rhietongue (Rhitongue)


Hector, Scurlomy (Scullomey)


Robert, Scurlomy (Scullomey)


Alexander, Torrisdale
Hector, Scurlomy (Scullomey)