Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Tongue Militia List 1809

Transcribed by Malcolm Bangor-Jones & adapted for this page by C Stokes 

All Mc & Mac names shown here as Mac. 
Place names are spelled as on original document 
The original Militia List was certified to be a 'true & correct list of all the 
males between the ages of 18 & 45 residing in the Parish of Tongue. 
Document was dated December 1809. The list included 113 men 
who were exempt from duty. Shown here are the 43 men who were deemed liable.

Each line contains, name, occupation & residence 

BELL Mr George, Overseer, Tongue 
BETHUNE Donald, merchant, Kirkboll 
CAMPBELL Donald, shepherd, Falside & William, shepherd, Kinloch 
GORDON William, labourer, Skenet 
GUNN James, farmer, Borgy; John, tailor, Skeray; (Bain) William, piper, Strathmelness 
MACDONALD Hugh, farmer, Strathmelness & John, shoemaker, Achstomnie 
MACINTOSH Alexander, farmer, Loan 
MACINTYRE Donald, shepherd, Strathmelness 
MACKAY Alexander, weaver, Achmore; Angus, farmer, Achantott; Angus, farmer, Craggy; Angus, Dinachary; Angus, soldier, Lochchrask; Angus, weaver, Skenet; Donald, farmer, Portvaskay; Finlay, farmer, Skeray; George, labourer, Retongue; Hector, labourer, Sculmy; Hugh, labourer, Sculmy; Hugh, farmer, Strathskeray; John, shepherd, Breckachow; John, farmer, Unsteppan; Neil, labourer, Borgy; Robert, labourer, Rhians; Thomas, labourer, Borgy; William, farmer, Borgy; William, Sculmy 
MACLEOD Alexander, farmer, Dalcharn; Angus, labourer, Achnaucach; Hugh, farmer, Achantott 
NICOLL Hugh, farmer, Dalcharn 
ROBERTSON Alexander, weaver, Sculmy 
ROSS George, labourer, Retongue & William, labourer, Retongue 
STEWART George, labourer, Strathmelness 
SUTHERLAND George, shepherd, Kirkboll; Hugh, labourer, Strathtongue; Robert, tailor, Kirkboll; William, labourer, Strathtongue